Pasta Specials - Choice of linguini,
penne, spaghetti, or capellini
  Tortellini or Ravioli Add
Extra Chicken Add
Add A Salad
Al Pomodoro: plum tomatoes,
basil, onions and olive oil
  Pasta Alla Vodka: alfredo sauce, vodka,
prosciutto and a touch of red sauce
Alfredo: cream sauce
  Tortellini Alla Panna: cheese tortellini in
a cream sauce w/ parmigiana cheese,
ham and mushrooms
Pasta Arriabiate: garlic, olive oil, plum
tomatoes and hot cherry peppers
  Pasta Alla Luigi: chicken and artichocke
hearts w/ garlic & oil sauce  
Carbonara: cream sauce, bacon,
onions and parmigiana
  Pasta Alla Kristen: chicken and broccoli
in an alfredo sauce
Al Pesto: basil pesto w/ pine nuts
  Pasta All Julianna: pasta w/ chicken,
shrimp, peas in an alfredo sauce
Puttanesca: tomatoes, capers, olive oil, anchovies and black olives
  Blacken Chicken Alfredo: blackened chicken
in a cream sauce
Primavera: mixed vegetables, garlic
and olive oil, and a touch of pesto
  Con Portabella: mushrooms sauteed w/ caramelized onions and grape tomatoes,
sprinkled w/ feta cheese in a butter and
olive oil sauce
Alla Norwalk: sauteed chicken,
mushroom and garlic
  Mom's Special: pieces of tender chicken
in a basil pesto sauce tossed w/ fresh zucchini, squash and portabella mushrooms
Pasta With Homemade Summer
Tomato Sauce: chopped tomatoes,
onions, peppers, spices, garlic,
olive oil and parmigiana cheese
  Gabby Special Pasta: chicken, shrimp, sweet sausage in a red sauce with a touch of cream  
Pasta Scarpariello: chicken, hot
cherry peppers and marinara sauce
  Any substitutions are subject
to an additional charge
STEP 1: Choose Your Pasta

Penne, Linguini, Capellini, Spaghetti
Tortellini or Ravioli
STEP 2: Choose Your Sauce  
Tomato, Marinara, Butter or Garlic And Oil
STEP 3: Choose Any Extras  
Meatballs (2), Sausage (2), Steak Strips or Meat Sauce
Clams or Prosciutto
Shrimp (7)
STEP 4: Choose Any Vegetables And Cheese  

Zucchini, Artichoke Hearts, Diced Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Capers
Green Peppers, Asparagus, Calamatta Olives
Spinach, Broccoli, Fried Eggplant, Hot Cherry Peppers, Sundried Tomatoes
Onions, Jalapenos, Peas
Black Olives
Roasted Red Peppers, Ricotta Cheese
Feta Cheese

Add A Salad  
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